David Dunham Insurance Valuable Articles Floater – Protect Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

Man and Woman exchanging Valentine's Day Gifts in romantic setting

After Valentine’s Day, many individuals find themselves the lucky recipients of valuable gifts, such as jewelry, art, or high-end electronics. This influx of expensive items into one’s personal possessions brings to light the importance of considering a valuable articles floater policy. A valuable articles floater is an insurance policy or an addition to a homeowner’s policy that provides coverage beyond the typical limits for higher value items. David Dunham Insurance has many affordable solutions available! Here’s why considering such a policy post-Valentine’s Day might be beneficial:

1. Enhanced Protection for Valuables

Standard homeowner’s policies offer limited coverage for valuable items, both in terms of the dollar limit and the types of loss covered. A valuable articles floater can provide broader coverage, including accidental damage, loss, and theft, often without a deductible. This ensures that your new treasures are adequately protected against unforeseen events.

2. Market Value Fluctuations

The value of certain items, especially fine jewelry and art, can fluctuate over time. A valuable articles floater typically offers the option to insure items at their appraised value and may include provisions to adjust coverage as market values change.

3. Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most significant benefit is the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a valuable articles floater from David Dunham Insurance. knowing your valuable gifts are fully protected. Whether it’s an engagement ring, an expensive watch, or a piece of fine art, these items often carry sentimental value in addition to their monetary worth. Ensuring they are well-protected can alleviate the worry associated with the possibility of loss or damage.

4. Affordable!

In todays market we think insurance coverage is expensive. David Dunham Insurance has several affordable valuable articles floater solutions available.

The aftermath of Valentine’s Day, with its exchange of valuable gifts, is a perfect time to assess your insurance needs. A valuable articles floater from David Dunham Insurance can offer specialized coverage that goes beyond what’s provided by standard home insurance policies, ensuring that your valuable items are protected against a wide range of risks. It’s an investment in security that can offer significant peace of mind for those cherished items that hold both financial and sentimental value.  Don’t wait, call David Dunham Insurance today at 561-473-5365 to discuss the solutions we have for your coverage. 

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